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X9 Ride On Tile Grout Cleaner Floor Screubber

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Experience unparalleled floor cleaning with the X9 Floor Scrubber, a powerhouse engineered for optimal performance and ease of use. Featuring a rear-drive design, the X9 excels in climbing capabilities, making it perfect for multi-level environments. Its two-speed adjustment enhances driving safety, allowing for a customized cleaning experience tailored to various surface conditions.

This versatile scrubber boasts a revolutionary three-in-one function: it scrubs, washes, and dries floors in a single pass, delivering exceptional cleanliness efficiently. Equipped with an intelligent battery charging system, the X9 ensures safe and effective power management by automatically activating a protection program when fully charged. This smart feature prolongs battery life and guarantees safe operations.

Designed for comfort and effectiveness, the X9 operates quietly and maintains stable performance with its one-button operation system, allowing for straightforward and stress-free use. A large water tank minimizes refills, further boosting productivity, while its advanced multi-filter system captures and removes dust particles directly from the floor, ensuring an impressively clean finish every time.

Whether you're maintaining a busy airport, a bustling hospital, or a spacious commercial center, the X9 Floor Scrubber provides a superior cleaning solution that combines power, efficiency, and ease of use into one dynamic machine. Get ready to transform your cleaning tasks with the X9, where excellent results meet user-friendly technology.
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Product Display.

Automatic-Commercial-120L-130L-Big-Tank-Floor-Cleaning- (5)

Basic Info.

Productivity m2/h 3500
Cleaning path mm
Main brush diameter mm 1040
Side brush diameter mm 430*2
Dimension mm 1320*720*1270
Working hours H 3-4
Gradeability ° <8°
Water tank L
Grabage tank L 130
Vacuum motor W 550
Main brush motor W 550*2
Noise level  dBA 65
Lead-acid battery capacity V/Ah 24V153Ah
Total weight kg


1.Whisper-Quiet Operation with Powerful Suction: Featuring the AMETEK brand silent fan, the X9 operates quietly without compromising on power. Enjoy a disruption-free environment and impeccable cleaning results thanks to its strong vacuum power and low noise operation.

2.Superior Climbing Performance: With a high-power drive motor, the X9 effortlessly tackles inclines, making it ideal for complex spaces like multi-level parking garages.

3.Smart Cleaning Technology: Equipped with an adaptive squeegee and brush disc system, the X9 automatically adjusts its height to accommodate varying floor elevations, ensuring consistent cleaning across all surfaces.

4.Robust and Reliable Design: Constructed from high-quality polyethylene, resistant to both acid and alkali corrosion, the X9’s housing is built to last, even in the toughest conditions.

5.Extended Operation Capacity: Boasting large water tanks of 120L/130L, the X9 reduces the need for frequent refills, allowing you to focus more on cleaning and less on maintenance.

6.Innovative Water Management: A float induction device monitors the water level in the recovery tank and automatically cuts off power to the vacuum fan when necessary, preventing overflows and enhancing machine safety.

7.Versatile Brush Options: Choose between magnetic or snap-on brush discs for easy maintenance and reliable performance on various flooring types.

8.Durable Components: The X9 features a cast aluminum brush disc cover for added durability and reduced maintenance costs over time.

9.Advanced Coating Technology: Employing an automotive electrophoretic coating process, the X9 ensures that its parts remain rust-free, prolonging the lifespan of the machine even with frequent exposure to water.

10.Enhanced Filtration System: A multi-layer recovery tank filtration system provides extra protection for the vacuum fan, extending its life and maintaining optimal functionality.

With the X9 Floor Scrubber Machine, elevate your cleaning standards and experience a blend of durability, efficiency, and technological advancement, designed to keep your commercial or industrial space pristine and operational with minimal effort.



  1. Hassle-Free Maintenance: Our tool-free suction hose design allows for quick and easy attachment and detachment, streamlining maintenance and reducing downtime.

  2. Enhanced Cleaning Efficiency: Featuring a double brush disc design with a two-way water outlet, the X9 not only widens the cleaning range but also significantly improves dust collection.

  3. Optimized Design: With the vacuum fan mounted on top, the X9 benefits from a smarter layout, effectively shielding the fan from water ingress and prolonging its life.

  4. Safety First: Equipped with high-temperature protection, the X9 automatically powers off to prevent motor damage when temperatures climb too high, ensuring your operations are always safe.

  5. Eco-Friendly Power: The X9 runs on a maintenance-free battery, offering high capacity and long life without the environmental impact, making it both powerful and green.

  6. Superior Filtration: A specially designed filling water filter keeps out foreign materials during water refills, preserving the integrity and performance of the cleaning system.

  7. Enhanced Visibility: Navigate effortlessly in low-light conditions with an energy-efficient 18W LED light, ensuring smooth operation anytime, anywhere.

  8. Ergonomic Comfort: The driver's seat is ergonomically designed to prevent fatigue during long shifts, ensuring comfort and productivity.

  9. Clean and Dry Surfaces: Side splash-proof rubber and brushes work together to keep water and dirt from splashing, maintaining the cleanliness of the surrounding areas.

  10. Agile Mobility: Equipped with collision wheels, the X9 easily maneuvers through tight spaces, avoiding scratches and seamlessly navigating around obstacles.

  11. Stable and Secure: Anti-skid tires provide outstanding traction and stability, making turns and stops safe and smooth, even on wet floors.

  12. Easy Monitoring: A clear water tube allows for immediate visual inspection of water levels, helping you keep tabs on your cleaning progress without stopping.

  13. Customizable Power Options: Choose between traditional lead-acid or modern lithium batteries to tailor the X9's power setup to your specific needs and preferences.

Automatic-Commercial-120L-130L-Big-Tank-Floor-Cleaning- (1)

Powerful-Smart-Durable-S1600-Industrial-Floor-S (4)

  • Q1:Can I put my own LOGO on the products?
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    形状 Created with Sketch.
    A: Yes. You can put your own LOGO on the products and also for the packing.
  • Q2:Can your machine fit our plug ?
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    A:We can provide plug according to your country.
  • Q3:How about the customized service?
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    A:Accept the OEM /ODM, the appearance and color of our products can be customized when the number reaches enough. In addition, the emergency brake system can also be customized for the ride on floor washer.
  • Q5. Can I visit your factory? How can I go?
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    A: You are welcome. We are located in Bengbu City, Anhui province,China with the convenient transportation by flight, high speed train, and bus. You could contact for route arrangement help before your visit.
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