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S1600 Intelligent Ride On Street Floor Sweeper

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The S1600 Ride-on Sweeper builds on the robust features of the standard S1600 model, offering all the same advanced capabilities with the addition of a sunroof for enhanced operator comfort. This model comes equipped with a large capacity garbage bin and water tank, ensuring high cleaning efficiency. Its panoramic 360-degree driving vision allows for easy maneuverability in any space. Featuring atomizing spray technology, the S1600R reduces dust emission during operation, achieving dust-free cleaning results. The powerful drive motor and strong climbing ability enhance its versatility, allowing it to handle sweeping, vacuuming, and watering functions seamlessly in one machine. Ideal for a variety of cleaning tasks.
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Product Display.

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Basic Info.

Cleaning path mm
Main brush diameter mm 790
Side brush diameter mm 380*2
Dimension mm 1820*1132*1387
Filter area m2 8
Working hours H 4-6
Gradeability ° <8°
Water tank L
Grabage tank L 155
Drive motor W
Vacuum motor W 500
Main brush motor W 800
Side brush motor W 100*2
Noise level  dBA 68
Lead-acid battery capacity V/Ah 48V107Ah
Charger model (European standard) V/Ah 48V25Ah
Total weight kg
Optional for lithium battery V/Ah
Lithium battery charger model V/Ah 48V/25Ah


  1. High-Capacity Design: Featuring a 155L garbage bin and a 100L water tank, the S1600 minimizes the need

     for frequent disposal, significantly boosting cleaning productivity.

  2. Enhanced Maneuverability: Boasting a compact frame coupled with a 360-degree panoramic view, the driver can easily navigate through narrow spaces, enhancing operational efficiency.

  3. Multifunctional Cleaning Technology: Integrating sweeping, vacuuming, and watering capabilities, this model achieves an impressive cleaning width of 1550mm, making it highly effective across large areas.

  4. Robust Motor with Superior Climbing: Equipped with a high-power drive motor, the S1600 handles inclines up to 8 degrees effortlessly, allowing for versatile application across various terrains.

  5. Advanced Dust Filtration: With an 8m² filter, the system excellently moderates the velocity of dust-laden air, ensuring a thorough and health-conscious cleaning environment.

Powerful-Smart-Durable-S1600-Industrial-Floor-S (3)


  1. Robust Steel Frame Construction: The chassis is engineered with a rugged steel frame, ensuring durability and reliable performance under tough conditions.

  2. Convenient Flip Board Design: Facilitates easy collection of larger debris, enhancing cleaning efficiency.

  3. Advanced Atomization Watering Technology: Provides excellent dust suppression, helping to maintain superior air quality during operation.

  4. High-Performance Maintenance-Free Battery: Offers leak-proof and emission-free operation, delivering reliable power and efficiency.

  5. Durable High-Elastic Solid Tires: Eliminate the need for inflation and are built to last, reducing maintenance and downtime.

  6. One-Touch Control System: Allows for simple operation, enabling the driver to operate controls without removing hands from the steering wheel, enhancing safety and convenience.

  7. Dual Disc Brake System: Ensures robust stopping power and operational safety in all conditions.

  8. Ergonomic Seating Design: The seat is designed to provide effective lumbar support, allowing for prolonged operation without fatigue.

  9. Efficient Front LED Lights: Equipped with 12W low-power LED lights to ensure safe and smooth operation in poorly lit environments.

  10. Versatile Brush Selection: A variety of brush types are available, making it suitable for sweeping different floor surfaces efficiently.

  11. Eco-Friendly Maintenance-Free Battery: Features a large capacity for extended use, offering a long battery life that is both pollution-free and safe.


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  • Q1:Can I put my own LOGO on the products?
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    形状 Created with Sketch.
    A: Yes. You can put your own LOGO on the products and also for the packing.
  • Q2:Can your machine fit our plug ?
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    A:We can provide plug according to your country.
  • Q3:How about the customized service?
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    A:Accept the OEM /ODM, the appearance and color of our products can be customized when the number reaches enough. In addition, the emergency brake system can also be customized for the ride on floor washer.
  • Q5. Can I visit your factory? How can I go?
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    A: You are welcome. We are located in Bengbu City, Anhui province,China with the convenient transportation by flight, high speed train, and bus. You could contact for route arrangement help before your visit.
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