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X10 Driving Type Efficiently Floor Cleaning Scrubber

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Unleash the full potential of floor cleaning with the X10 Floor Scrubber, a true powerhouse engineered to tackle vast spaces with unmatched efficiency and speed. Designed for the rigors of large-scale environments such as shopping centers, airports, and industrial complexes, the X10 is not just a cleaning machine—it's a revolutionary tool that redefines cleanliness.
With a sweeping cleaning path of 960mm and a squeegee width of 1200mm, the X10 covers extensive ground quickly, drastically cutting down your cleaning time. It is equipped with dual 480mm brushes powered by robust 550W motors, each operating at a formidable 180 RPM and exerting a pressure of 4.3 Mpa. This ensures that every inch of your floor is meticulously scrubbed, leaving no stain or dirt behind, even in the toughest environments.
The X10’s impressive productivity rate of 4500 m² per hour is supported by a strong 850W drive motor, enabling it to move at speeds up to 9 km/h and handle inclines with a 25% grade ability effortlessly. Its large capacity solution and recovery tanks, holding 155L and 170L respectively, allow for extended operations with fewer interruptions. Powered by a 24V 220AH battery, the X10 guarantees between 4 to 6 hours of continuous, high-performance cleaning.
Lightweight for its capabilities yet incredibly durable, weighing in at 435 kg, the X10 combines optimal maneuverability with industrial strength. Whether it's daily maintenance or intensive cleaning, the X10 Floor Scrubber provides a reliable, eco-friendly solution that not only meets but exceeds the cleaning requirements of modern enterprises, ensuring that your premises are not just clean, but pristinely so.
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Product Display.

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Basic Info.

Productivity m2/h 4500
Cleaning path mm
Main brush diameter mm 1200
Side brush diameter mm 480*2
Dimension mm 1650*960*1410
Working hours H 4-6
Gradeability ° <8°
Water tank L
Grabage tank L 165
Vacuum motor W 554
Main brush motor W 550*2
Noise level  dBA 65
Lead-acid battery capacity V/Ah 24V220Ah
Total weight kg


1.Wide Cleaning Reach: With an impressive 960mm cleaning path and an expansive 1200mm squeegee width, the X10 covers vast areas quickly, maximizing efficiency and reducing cleaning times. Its dual 480mm brush diameter ensures that every inch of your floor receives deep, thorough cleaning.

2.High-Powered Motor Capacity: Equipped with a mighty 850W drive motor and twin 550W brush motors, the X10 delivers consistent, powerful scrubbing action. Coupled with a 554W vacuum motor, it removes all traces of dirt and water, leaving floors spotless and ready for traffic in no time.

3.Exceptional Performance: Operating at a disk brush speed of 180 RPM and an impressive pressure of 4.3 Mpa, the X10 effectively tackles stubborn dirt and stains, even on rough surfaces. Whether it’s heavy-duty cleaning or routine maintenance, this scrubber handles it effortlessly.

4.Fast and Flexible: Glide through your cleaning duties with a working speed of up to 9 km/h, and confidently take on inclines with a 25% grade ability. The X10’s agility ensures it can navigate complex layouts and obstacles with ease.

5.High Productivity: Designed for high-traffic environments, the X10 boasts a productivity rate of up to 4500 m² per hour, allowing you to maintain larger spaces efficiently and with fewer passes.

6.Extended Operation: Powered by a robust 24V 220AH battery, the X10 operates continuously for 4-6 hours, ensuring comprehensive cleaning without the need for frequent recharging.

7.Substantial Tank Capacity: With solution and recovery tanks holding 155L and 170L respectively, the X10 minimizes downtime associated with refills, keeping you operational longer.

8.Durable and Reliable: Built to withstand the rigors of heavy use, the X10’s sturdy frame and high-quality materials guarantee longevity and durability, ensuring that your investment continues to perform at its peak over time.

The X10 Floor Scrubber is not just a cleaning machine; it's a strategic investment in maintaining pristine conditions in large facilities like shopping centers, warehouses, and airports. Embrace the power and efficiency of the X10 and watch as it transforms the task of cleaning into a seamless, productive experience.

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1.Expansive Cleaning Path: The X10 boasts a sweeping 960mm cleaning path paired with a 1200mm squeegee width, allowing you to cover more ground faster than ever before. Ideal for large facilities, this extensive reach ensures maximum efficiency and reduced cleaning times.

2.Dual High-Performance Brushes: Equipped with two 480mm diameter brushes, each driven by powerful 550W motors, the X10 delivers relentless scrubbing power. These brushes spin at a robust 180 RPM, exerting a formidable 4.3 Mpa pressure, effortlessly lifting dirt and grime from all types of flooring surfaces.

3.Speed and Agility: Move through your cleaning routes at speeds up to 9 km/h, thanks to the 850W drive motor. With the ability to tackle 25% inclines, the X10 navigates ramps and elevated surfaces with ease, making it perfect for multi-level structures.

4.Enhanced Battery Life: Keep your operations running smoothly with a substantial 24V 220AH battery that powers through 4-6 hours of continuous cleaning. This longevity ensures that the X10 can handle extended cleaning tasks without frequent stops to recharge.

5.Large Capacity Tanks: The X10 is designed with efficiency in mind, featuring 155L solution and 170L recovery tanks that minimize the need for refills, allowing for uninterrupted cleaning sessions and enhanced productivity.

6.Robust and Durable Design: Constructed to withstand the demands of heavy use, the X10 is both sturdy and reliable. Its compact dimensions (L1633W869H1387mm) and manageable weight (435 kg) ensure that it is as easy to maneuver as it is tough.

7.Eco-Friendly and Safe: With its maintenance-free battery and high-efficiency motors, the X10 not only reduces environmental impact but also ensures safe operations with automatic high-temperature power-off protection.

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  • Q1:Can I put my own LOGO on the products?
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    A: Yes. You can put your own LOGO on the products and also for the packing.
  • Q2:Can your machine fit our plug ?
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    A:We can provide plug according to your country.
  • Q3:How about the customized service?
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    A:Accept the OEM /ODM, the appearance and color of our products can be customized when the number reaches enough. In addition, the emergency brake system can also be customized for the ride on floor washer.
  • Q5. Can I visit your factory? How can I go?
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    A: You are welcome. We are located in Bengbu City, Anhui province,China with the convenient transportation by flight, high speed train, and bus. You could contact for route arrangement help before your visit.
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